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InstaSculpt has been the preferred destination for a wide range of customers.
Here's what our valued clientele has to say.
Beenu Kashyap

"I immediately went shopping for a belt. And a new pair of jeans!"
Savita Sharma

"In one hour, I finished reading the newspaper and lost two inches around my waist. I had to keep pulling my pants up on the way out!"
Amrita Shah

"I am a 42-year old woman who always wanted to get into my old jeans. After a few sessions of fat loss and lightening of my abdomen, I fit into all my old clothes and look much younger too."
Shivram Verma

"I am a 63-year old male with diabetes and high blood pressure. I am very happy with the treatment and my blood sugar levels have also come down. I can say that there are no side effects at all."
Neetu Chadha

"I am a 20-year old college student and was always embarrassed because of a lot of fat on my chest but thanks to this treatment I can go for swimming and partying as well without any hesitation."

"I am a model by profession. I had a bulging waist which went down instantly by ½ an inch within one hour of the session and I have not gained back those inches ever!"
Baljinder Singh

"I was finding it difficult to lose fat on my abdomen and waist even after maintaining a strict diet and exercise regime. After the InstaSculpt treatment I got into shape and it's been two years and I have maintained my weight."
Bharti Patil

"I am a 34-year old female working in the retail business space. I took treatment of Ultrasonic Lipolysis and lost 4 inches in two sessions. After that all my clothes started looking good on me."
Sangita Marathe

"I am a 52-year old housewife. I was worried when I first came to the clinic but extremely comfortable during the entire sessions. All I did was lie down on the bed, switch on the TV, watch my favourite program & you know what? I lost 2.5 inches just in one hour!"
Aditya Kumar

"I am a banker and travel frequently. I lost 8 inches on my waistline in five sessions without any life style alteration."
Simran Shaikh

"I am a 28-years old student and was bothered about my waistline. Immediately after my first session I lost 2 inches and I had to go belt shopping!"

DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary. The results may vary according to the patient's age, skin type, weight and lifestyle. All treatments and after care suggested by the clinic are made on a general basis. But as the constitution of everybody is different there may be certain side effects that may be appear. Read More...