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Are anti-ageing Products really helpful?

In today’s time, skin tightening or may it be brightening has become an epidemic rage. Considering the amount of people’s consciousness with regards to their look and personality various company keep on inventing and experimenting with products to meet a particular requirement

Anti-ageing creams or products are predominantly moisturizers, retinoids and products generally constituting to Alpha hydroxyl acids, peptides, coenzymes and antioxidants all of which helps in reduction of wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes, scar, pigmentations, discolourations, tanning and other related conditions of the skin.

The principle behind the ingredients of anti-ageing products is to mimic nature’s own tissue regenerating process where young skin synthesizes collagen to pad and firm itself.  Used in anti-ageing creams it is one of the few ingredients that can actually reach the cells with a small enough collagen molecule to stimulate the production of new collagen in the skin.

The anti-ageing products indeed work to the extent of maintenance and since they are permeable to only up to the first layer of skin they are effective for reduction of hyperpigmentation, skin lightening and fine line improvement. They cannot be replaced with medical procedures or professional treatments considering the limitation of products as regards to penetration power and longitivity of action.

The span life of these products is also limited. As per the weather, sensitivity and immunity of a particular individual these products too keep on varying.

Non-surgical treatments like radio frequency, mesotherapy, lasers give long-lasting effects for tightening, toning and lightening.  

Certainly, the anti-ageing creams and serums aren’t just another tedious step in your beauty routine—they’re what that makes one look young, vibrant, and healthy!

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