How to control hairfall

How to Control Hair Fall?

Hair fall is now a common problem for everyone and treating it on time is very important to prevent from getting completely bald. Thinning of hair happens slowly over time, hence you may not notice the hair falling out. Losing hair all over your scalp is called general hair loss and losing hair only in certain areas is called focal hair loss. Since your hair has a lot to do with your look/ appearance hair loss may cause you to have lower self-esteem if you don’t like the way you look. This is especially true in women and teens. There are certain treatments that can help some hair grow back and prevent more from falling out. Also, there are various other methods by which you can reduce your hair loss. Let us have a look:

Oiling is a must

Applying oil to the hair is a remedy for all kinds of hair problems. Oiling reduces hair fall as it conditions the hair and improves the health of not only the cuticle but also the scalp. It also helps in strengthening the roots and prevents hair from falling out. It keeps your hair well-nourished. Massaging oil to the hair improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth, making your hair look thick and healthy.


Hair fall problem is often linked with external factors as pollution, stress, dandruff, etc. But did you know a poor diet is also one of the main reasons for hair loss. Slight modifications in your eating habits like including ingredients that improve hair growth can have drastic impact on the health of the hair. When you don’t provide essential nutrients to your body which are needed for normal hair growth, you are likely to suffer from hair loss.


Exercise is an effective remedy for hair loss. It is one of the most needed things for healthy hair growth. Regular exercise keeps you healthy which in turn help you to have healthy hair. When you exercise the blood circulation improves and hence the hair growth. There are specific exercises for increasing blood flow to scalp which promotes hair growth. Scalp massage, Forward bending pose, camel pose are few of them.

Keep it clean

Washing your hair at least every 3 days with a mild hair shampoo will remove all the accumulated dust, oil, dirt, bacteria from the hair. Keeping it clean can help you avoid hair fall due to an unclean scalp. This is one of the important steps to follow in order to prevent hair fall

Non Invasive treatments

How you choose to treat your hair loss depends on the cause. For some people all the above mentioned ways may not have a positive effect. In such cases, weight loss and cosmetic clinics like InstaSculpt in Mumbai comes to your rescue. Instasculpt provides safe and scientifically proven non surgical treatments for curing hair loss. They use treatments like High Frequency and Mesotherapy for preventing hair fall. High frequency is a type of concentrated hair treatment which helps to cure hair fall and dandruff. Click here to know more about Mesotherapy for hair which reduces hair loss and also stimulates hair growth and scalp rejuvenation.

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