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Fat Loss and more – An inspiring weight loss journey Instasculpt

There are instances in life when one loses hope, their dreams and their aspiration to something which in their mind is unreachable. We in Insta-sculpt have many such examples where we tried to retrieve these lost glories back successfully. One such inspiring fat loss journey is what ‘Mrs. Meenakshi Tilkari’ has agreed to share with us here.

‘I always used to be plump as a kid. As I grew up, I noticed that I have started having irregular menses, loss of hair, further weight gain. When I checked with gynecologist she said I had polycystic ovarian syndrome, as well as I was made aware that my ovarian reserve was also low. I was put on various hormonal medication. By another year, I was 103kg at 23 years. I had lost interest meanwhile on all the worldly things since I was not able to cope with my physical appearance getting worse day by day. I went on depression, fatigue took over my senses, I started avoiding social meetings, became an introvert.

I met ‘Dr. Manjiri during a meditation session where my parents had taken me. That was my first step towards the transformation. The best part about her was, she had inane and in-depth knowledge of all the things I was going through. Unlike others who were sympathetic towards me, she inspired me, encouraged me not to lose hope and made me believe I can come back to my normal self. Furthermore I started my session in Insta-sculpt clinic where with the help of Lasers, Mesotherapy I was able to lose around 18 kgs in 6 months periods. The experience of losing weight was exhilarating with the constant motivation from the doctors and dieticians. My diet plan, activities were all planned and executed as per Dr.Manjiri’s advice. The reminder calls, the motivational messages and tips from the team did make a lot of changes in me. Today I am 72 kg married to a wonderful man and I can’t thank enough Dr.Manjiri and her team for making me what I am today. I would specially recommend others to join Insta-sculpt and experience the change in you. ‘

That was the wonderful weight loss journey of one of our super achiever patients and we would always continue to support and inspire everyone in building a healthy life.

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