How to reduce excess body fat

How Excess Weight Affects Your Health

If you are carrying extra fat on your body, there is a higher risk of facing various health problems.  Obesity is no longer a condition that just affects older people, these days increasing numbers of young people have been diagnosed with obesity. Some of the health problems or diseases caused by overweight or obesity have contributed to the nation’s leading causes of death. Due to this it has become a necessity to reduce the risk of obesity in people. As a result of this we have a lot weight loss clinics like Instasculpt at Mumbai which helps people to get back in shape and also improve their health. Let us look at few health problem caused by excess weight.


Overweight and obesity are so strongly connected to diabetes, experts have coined the term “diabesity” to describe the phenomenon. The chances of developing the common type of diabetes, type 2 diabetes is high when you are obese or overweight. One of the features of Metabolic syndrome is high blood sugar level. If not treated properly this can lead to further health problems. Most of the people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. People who have stubborn fat and not able to get rid of it should be advised to visit weight loss clinics like Instasculpt where they help you eliminate excess body fat through non surgical treatments.

Heart disease and stroke

Effects of obesity on the body has increased significantly and has been a problem for a long time now. People leading a sedentary lifestyle is one the reasons for obesity. Increase in weight or being obese can harm your heart. An extra-large body requires an extra-large amount of blood. When you put on weight, your heart has to pump more blood than it did before. Instead of beating more often, the heart grows slightly larger so it can move more blood with each beat. The increased flow often leads to high blood pressure, which is a major cause of heart disease. Blood clots in the arteries can cause stroke.Steps should be taken to prevent obesity thereby improve your health.

High Blood pressure

Another health risk of obesity is High blood pressure. When you gain weight workload on heart increases as it has to pump more blood and this increased circulation can cause pressure on arteries and thereby cause blood pressure. Obesity has become a serious disease that has a negative effect on many systems of our body. Solution to prevent overweight solution must be taken into consideration as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary health issues.

Breathing problems

This is one of the common problems faced by an obese individual. The ability to move around with ease is not possible when you are obese.You may find it hard to breath when you walk up the stairs or do some physical work. The excess fat in your body makes you less mobile. Excess belly fat may affect breathing by pushing on the diaphragm and chest wall, making it harder for the lungs to fill with air. These days there are number of treatment to prevent obesity performed in weight loss clinics by professional doctors.


Osteoarthritis is a common joint problem of the knees, hips, and lower back. The condition is caused when the tissue that protects the joints wears away. When a person gains extra weight it puts more pressure on the joints causing pain. This is also seen as as one of the common health risks caused by obesity.

Psychological effects

Excess weight can also have psychological effects on an individual. Some of these include depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Obesity can cause poor self-image, low self-esteem, and social isolation, which are contributors to depression. Those who are obese can also find themselves disliked, stereotyped, and discriminated against.

Obesity is the result of inappropriate lifestyle choices and we understand it is a threat to our society now.  Losing weight may not be an easy process especially when it has been there for several years. Knowing the importance, number of weight loss centers and clinics have come into the market. What becomes important is to identify the best out of the lot. To name a few, Instasculpt at Mumbai, India has been pioneers in this field since 12 years. They have branches in Bandra, Thane and also located internationally in Dubai and Kuwait. They have professional doctors who guides you through the entire procedure unlike other beauty spa’s in town. Since obesity is on an increasing trend, these weight loss centers/clinics can help you get rid of your extra fat and contribute to a healthier living style.

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