Gracious D'costa -The Biggest loser TV show contestant



This is the story of Gracious D’costa who has been overweight for most of his life. He was referred to our clinic Instasculpt by his friend Jacob Philip who heard about his health condition. At the age of 40 Gracious developed diabetes, High cholesterol levels that is when he realized he needs to LOSE WEIGHT DRASTICALLY and change his lifestyle. But the big question he had was, “How can he lose this weight? How is this even possible? Where can he start?” He weighed 123.5 KG and now with his health being affected, Gracious had bigger concerns about his future health condition. That is when Jacob got him to our clinic in Mumbai, where he met with Dr.Manjiri Puranik, who has helped thousands of men and women, actors, film stars, businessmen lose weight without strenuous workouts or strict diets. This is when Gracious saw light at the end of the tunnel.

About 3 months back, Gracious Dcosta was sitting on the couch watching his friend’s 4 year old daughter, RIYA play on the floor. But when Riya asked if he could come down and play with her, he promptly responded “NO” — at 123 Kg, Gracious was too HEAVY to move from his spot on the sofa.

“That was a huge wake-up call for me,” Gracious told Dr. Manjiri. “Oh my gosh, I told RIYA , I couldn’t play with her, because I was too much to get off the couch.”

That realization was just what Gracious needed to jumpstart his weight-loss journey. Knowing it was time to get his health back on track.

Most of us know Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health leading to high BP, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Stroke ETC. During your 40s, you realize that your body’s warranty has indeed expired and if you don’t look after it, you could by using a little advice about lifestyle change. But it becomes very difficult for people who have given up exercise, being lazy, no motivation, knee and back problems due to overweight, strenuous workouts, crazy diets and poor results. Your 40s are also when you’ve established your career a bit, so you can leave the late-night duty to junior staff but with tremendous workloads taking time for workouts is difficult. Along with work stress, travel time, spending time at home with family and kids, socializing; and not taking care of body weight isn’t an option as your health is at risk.

It’s been 45 days of weight loss journey, Gracious after following recommendations from Dr. Manjiri he started his treatment. With 40 to 60 minutes sessions EVERY ALTERNATE DAY he dropped the first 13 KG in 45 Days. Sounds almost shockingly simple, right?

“When I first started, I had no idea what to do,” Gracious said. When Gracious weight loss plateaued after the first one month, he went for his blood test only to find out he has got rid of his Diabetes. He called up his friend Jacob and told him about his happy news.

More of Gracious Weight Loss Journey. His goal is to reach from 70 KG in the next 3 Months. Let us all cheer his Journey

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