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I Lost 9 kgs in two months in a healthy way.

We are back again with our wellness inspirational stories of weight loss from our clients who have experienced their fruitful journey with us. One such comes from ‘Mrs. Shravani Kishori’ from Wadala, Mumbai.

‘Hi, I am Shravani  Kishori a corporate executive, a dance enthusiast. I was always a healthy but well-maintained kid as a child due to my fitness and dancing classes’ regime. Very early, I came to know I have thyroid issues. It might be due to hereditary reasons. But then I had started putting on weight. I was married by then. My activities took back seat while getting committed to household work. The problem was not major until doctors told me since I have become overweight, I was facing problem in conceiving even after 5 years of married life. They had given me an ultimatum to lose weight somehow. I was 29 years with the weight of 89 kg at 5.1”. It was not that I was overeating or was in a sedentary lifestyle. I tried everything, but since the weight did not budge I went into a very bad mental state. I started becoming angry, used to have mood swings. My husband luckily was the only person who understood me at that time.  My frustration on weight and not being able to conceive was taking a dangerous turn slowly on my job too. My husband came to know about ‘Insta-Sculpt through some reference, we thought of giving it a try.

I met the doctors there who explained to me the entire procedure. What I liked was the entire process was transparent; I was well informed of all the procedures and schedules. Everything was done taking me into consideration, my diet, my activities, my threshold of the things I can do. Lasers cellulite sessions with mesotherapy, were amazing in giving me required fat loss in the particular region where I had stubborn fat. I lost almost 9 kgs in 2 months in a very healthy way. This was a very exhilarating feeling. Post this came a plateau period, which was again little worrisome, but the doctors and dietician had kept me prepared for the same. I simply happen to just flow post that by losing an average of 3 kg -5 kg every month.

Today I am 68 kgs with a beautiful daughter just 9 months old. I can’t thank Insta-Sculpt enough for the wonderful gift; I got from their strong support. I wish Insta-sculpt All the very best and may they continue to provide a ray of hope to the people who have been struggling like me for a healthy life.’

Thank you Mrs.Shravani for sharing your inspiring journey with us.  Insta-Sculpt will always strive towards the betterment of society in resolving the various health issues.

-Customer Feedback

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