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Successful Fat loss Journey with Insta-Sculpt

Insta-sculpt has always being the back bone for the patients in their weight loss journey and we are extremely proud of all our super achievers who have shared their journey with us. These inspirational stories of the achievers are what keep us motivated all along. One such amazing journey which made her confident and us proud is what ‘Mrs. Pravita Murthy’ has agreed to share with us here.


Following is what she has to say,

‘I am ‘Mrs. Pravita Murthy’, age 63yrs, retired at present. I was working as a teacher in a secondary school. I have being operated for hernia, stone and also had severe knee pain because of which my movements became restricted. Daily chores like going to market, sitting down for work etc became very difficult. My weight earlier was 92 kg from that I escalated to 101.8 kg. It was like a punishment for me to take 5 mins walk also because of knee pain and weight. I was mentally depressed because my problem was taking a toll on me. I stay alone and have to do my day to day house chores myself and it was becoming a great effort for me.

Then I saw an advertisement in some leading newspaper about Insta-sculpt International clinic with world class technologies. I knew I had to do something for my weight, since dieting, exercising etc. had long given up on my body. I visited the clinic to meet the doctor, who made me go through the reports to understand the body status and also made me understand in details about their treatment and convinced me to join. Now my weight is 86.6 kg with fat percentage from 58.2% to 46.3%. I know, I have still long way to go.

But even with this, I am very much happy, satisfied. I feel all the more active, able to walk as my knee pain has drastically reduced. I feel light and confident to go on with my daily house work independently, without feeling tired. I know Insta-sculpt will never make me stop believing in myself. Thank you Insta-sculpt for everything I have achieved not just physically but also mentally. ‘

Pravita Murthy

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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