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Are you looking out for a fat loss program or treatment without any surgery or downtime? Most of would wish to reduce fat/weight. This is now possible with one of the best weight management clinic in Mumbai called Instasculpt, which offers fat loss programs/treatments which have got the best reviews and are complaint free. They provide safe and the most effective treatment for weight loss and fat loss. These non-surgical treatments are painless and do not require any downtime- anyone who needs the fat loss treatment can come and take up the session and then go back to their routine schedule.

Our team at Instasculpt has received specialized training and expertise in helping you lose weight, and more importantly, keeping it off. People who have come to Instasculpt have got positive results though the time period may vary from person to person. We understand your difficulties related to excess fat/weight, and know how to help you overcome them!

A variety of scientifically proven non-surgical treatments are offered by Instasculpt. Discover more about fat loss programs and see if you’re a good candidate for these painless innovative treatments.


It is the most effective and safest cellulite treatment. Endermologie aims at making skin smooth and gives a slimmer look. This treatment procedure involves mechanical massaging, rolling on the skin surface to increase blood flow which stimulates the breakup of stubborn fat deposits thereby resulting in fat loss in particular area. Your first Endermologie session at Instasculpt will include a free consultation where you will be put for the best program suitable to your personal needs.

Radio Frequency with Diode Laser

This is treatment helps you for toning and firming of your body. This fat loss treatment heats deep collagen in the skin and lifts, tightens and shrinks the sagging body parts.


After all the dieting and exercise you can still be left with those stubborn parts of your body that hold too much fat. Mesotherapy can effectively aid in eliminating the fat in a safe manner without any cuts.


A scientific technology which brings optimal physical performance, health and wellness into harmony. Helps to improve blood flow, muscle tone and flexibility. Instashape is one of the best weight loss programs offered by Instasculpt.

Somatic Therapy

A fat loss program which proveds a refreshing manual therapy for exfoliation of the entire body and helps to remove unwanted fat from the body.


Safest and non-surgical line of treatment for fat loss/weight loss. It works by compressing the soft tissue in hips, abdomen, thighs and back.

Rapid Laser Cellulite Therapy

Cosmetic surgery is not preferred by many people. Consider the breakthrough alternative that’s proven to produce remarkable results like Rapid Laser Cellulite Therapy at Instasculpt. It helps in breaking down the fat and thus eliminates unwanted fat from the body.

You might be thinking” this is just too good to be true.” Most of our clients are skeptical before they start. And then once you notice your clothes becoming much loose even the most skeptical become true believers. Fat loss treatments at Instasculpt has amazing potential, as it offers ‘fat-loss’ without the discomfort, recovery and risks of surgery.

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