Learn how Mitali lost weight during a stressful busy lifestyle

My name is Mitali M. At the age of 34 I live a wonderful happy life however there is one thing that bothers me a lot which is my weight. I have been struggling with weight issues for 4-5 years due to long working hours with busy schedules throughout the day, stress, and other personal reasons. Today when I am writing this article, I have already had a successful weight transformation. I want others who are undergoing, “Fat Gain” problems as I did to know there is a solution to lose inches within weeks around their tummy and other part of their body.

From my experience, I feel stress has a direct impact on body weight as I have seen a lot of my friends struggling with the same issues. Some people may lose weight while others may gain weight both of which are unhealthy.

I wanted to understand the connection between Stress and Weight Gain and I began my research online. Although decreasing stress levels may feel impossible some days even if I tried to do yoga or meditation, there was stress around my environment. Unfortunately, all of this excess stress eventually lead to an increase in my body weight. And whether the extra weight was a result of overeating and unhealthy food choices, what I understood was getting a handle on stress has to be a priority if I wanted to prevent stress-related weight gain.

After this, I wanted to understand the risks of stress and weight gain, When stress peaks or becomes difficult to manage, more serious, long-term health-related consequences can occur.

Depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease, anxiety, and obesity are all linked to untreated chronic stress.

The risks associated with weight gain include:
1. higher blood pressure
2. Diabetes
3. heart disease
4. Stroke
5. reproductive problems
6. a decrease in lung and respiratory function
7. an increase in joint pain

Additionally, there’s evidence of a connection between obesity and certain cancers such as pancreatic, oesophagal, colon, breast, and kidney cancer. Finally, your mental health can take a hit. An increase in anxiety or depression can also happen when you unintentionally gain weight.

After gathering the above information I started routine exercises between my busy work schedules. Even with exercise excess weight started terribly showing on my waistline. Even though I have a busy schedule my life was not sluggish.

I began to do some more reading about weight gain because metabolism is responsible for converting food into energy, a change in how this system works can cause potential problems. I felt my metabolism could be slowing down, and one of the articles I read stated, “Fat accumulated around the waist area is attributed to the development of the cardiovascular disease, earning it the nickname of “toxic fat.” This is when I was more concerned about my health and had to discuss with a professional about weight loss.

I had tried many different diets that just didn’t work for me and were never having long-lasting results. I was at a complete loss and I knew I was desperate for help. I couldn’t find the will or motivation to get started. That’s when I got in touch with Dr. Manjiri’s at Instasculpt.

Instasculpt with their expert professionals helped me with true lifestyle change rather than crash diets of soup and salads. They taught me how to live a comfortable life, set boundaries with my eating, keep active, gain muscle and lose weight. I am able to go out to eat with my
friends and family and not feel uncomfortable with my food choices.

My whole experience was absolutely great. If anyone is suffering from weight gain, don’t keep this until you land up suffering from diseases or stress. Today with guidance from experts like Doctor Manjiri Puranik I am Living a Happier Healthier Life of Freedom.

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