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Lose your belly fat to save your heart

What is Obesity?

Obesity is an excess of fat storage rather than weight, Men with more than 25% of fat and women with more than 30 % of fat are considered as Obese.

Why fat on your tummy is bad for health?

Men with more than 40” and women with more than 35” of waist circumference may develop type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, heart diseases and 3 times more likely for a heart attack. Survey wise abdominal obesity is more dangerous than general obesity. People with larger waist to hip ratio are seen to be more prone to a heart attack that too more in females than males. Increase in waist measurement can be due to an increase in subcutaneous fat which is just under the skin or intraabdominal fat also known as visceral fat which encases the internal organ. The increase in this particular visceral fat is unhealthy. As per the researches, the weight around the middle body represents the increase in the amount of visceral fat.

How does one achieve fat loss in certain areas without surgery and is it permanent?

Treatment of obesity, in general, is a combination of fat loss with weight loss, which is best achieved by a balanced diet, increased physical activity and lifestyle modifications.

While the precise, scientific, safe and permanent treatment for reducing tummy fat is High Intensity focalized ultrasound waves and laser lipolysis where one looses 1” – 3” in just one hour. It helps in controlling blood sugar in diabetes and also lowering down the blood pressure thus reducing health risks.

Other than that treatment of Endermology helps in mobilization and flushing out of the fat cells. While RF with diode laser causes the collagen to contract and tighten the skin over a period of time.

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