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My Life saved by GOD and Weight Loss Treatment

I was travelling home on my bike this weekend when an Auto Rickshaw struck me from behind almost throwing me inside a 9ft deep gutter that had no barricades on the streets of Mumbai. I lost my balance, and could not find a place to keep my feet as I was about to fall into this deep pit. I am not sure from where I had this strength, but to my surprise I jumped off my bike crossing the 9 feet deep and 6 feet wide gutter landing on the other side.

Almighty God has saved my life from an accident that could have left me seriously injured. I can’t believe it happened to me at that moment, as I was in shock and so where all the people looking at me with fear. When I asked them to help, they were all looking at me as if they have seen a Ghost. They were amazed how I crossed this 6 feet wide gutter, with my body mass.

I have to thank the team at Instasculpt Clinic, Dr. Manjiri and staff for all the patience on my journey towards my weight loss. I am not sure if the leap of strength and the strength to leap this distance to save my life would have been possible 45 days back when I weighed 15 KG more than what I weigh today. God bless your team for the hard work and time you take to spend on a daily basis towards my fat loss. It’s been said that “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.” No words could better describe what this relationship with Instasculpt has meant to me over the last few months.

My Bike was inside the mouth of the Gutter along with my work bag that carried important documents and my Mac Book. By the grace of this universe everything was in good condition. One of the guys on the street went into the gutter and got my work bag which got away with some scratches.

I am truly happy with joy and wanted to share this story with all my friends and family. “God is always good to people who are good to people”.

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