How to Detox your body

How to Detox Body?

What exactly is a detox? A detox is a process in which a person makes changes in the lifestyle to cleanse their body of toxins. These lifestyle changes normally involve refraining from certain harmful things and optimizing body processes.  Toxins are any substance that causes negative effects of health. Doing regular body cleanses and detoxes are very important for maintaining a good health. Our Human body has a natural ability to detoxify itself. However, it is good to cleanse our body regularly through various methods.

Breathe Thoroughly

Deep breathing helps to improve your health and let oxygen flow through your body more effectively.  Slow, deep breathing gets rid of carbon dioxide waste and takes plenty of clean, fresh oxygen to your brain and muscles. Breathing clean air reduces your exposure to toxins.

Choose the Right Food

Choose healthy eating to live a healthy life. To support your body’s detoxification process it is necessary to lessen its load and decrease the toxins you put in your body in the first place. It is always better to choose organic vegetables and fruits over fast food and other processed foods.

Exercise and Meditation

Meditation and Exercise helps to maintain a healthy body. When you exercise you sweat and sweating helps to release toxins through skin Meditation helps to clear and calm our mind and reduces stress. A disturbed or a stressed mind can cause the physical body to function weakly.

Drink Lemon Juice

Lemon juice one of the most powerful detox drinks. Drinking a glass of lemon juice will help to cleanse your body off toxins. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice to your glass of warm water and gulp it down. Drinking this in the morning improves your health considerably.


Detoxification is not only about what you avoid eating but also what you consume. Following a healthy diet is beneficial for your health. There are many types of food like garlic, lemon, broccoli, sprouts etc that helps in detoxification. A juice diet, preferably organic is also a good detoxification method.

Now we understand how and why we should detoxify our body for a good health. Our human body has several systems in place for removing waste. Hence we should regularly try to detoxify the body to eliminate all the negative effects on the body from the environment for a healthy living.

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