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Fat loss always matters: Happy Client story

Insta Sculpt, the leading weight and health management clinic in Mumbai, has been a pioneer for all the weight/inch loss treatments. We take pride in presenting you with one such inspirational weight loss story from one of our client who believed in us to bring back his old self.

‘I am Meet Khandelwal from Mumbai. Obesity and diabetes run in my family so it was predictable for me to be in the same frame. I was around 103 kg at 25 years while doing my internship for MBA in Australia. Being from a Marwari business family, my folks wanted me to get married as soon as I return to India. The proposals which had approached us seeing my career and studies graph used to get turned down because of my weight. That’s when I decided to put my foot down and do something about my weight. After six months of rigorous diet and gym training, I managed to reduce some 10 kgs. I was happy, then I got busy with my work schedule. Dieting and exercise took a back seat. And finally on one fine day, when I checked my weight, it had shot to almost 109 kg. I went into depression and started avoiding family occasions and social gatherings. I came across Insta-Sculpt through a leading newspaper advertisement and thought of giving it a try. I followed everything, as advised by the doctors and dietician in the clinic. Laser treatment for fat loss and mesotherapy for tightening did a great job on me. There was no stress. I didn’t even realize when I happened to lose my weight so comfortably and conveniently.

Today I am 27 years and 89 kg. Marriage is on the cards. I am very happy and satisfied with the amazing result and would definitely recommend Insta-Sculpt undoubtedly as the best place where one can dream of becoming the best version of themselves.’

We would like to thank Mr.Meet Khandelwal for his kind words of appreciation. We wish him all the best for his future life and we hope to spread the message to the world that Obesity is definitely manageable and curable. At Instasculpt, we offer a variety of non-evasive, painless weight loss and obesity control treatments undertaken by the best weight consultants in the country.

If you’re going through a similar situation where your weight is affecting your personal life, then get in touch with us today!

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