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The Hidden Dangers of Your Excess Abdominal Fat

Majority of people these days face the problem of excess abdominal fat. Many people think that extra abdominal fat is simply unattractive and makes them self-conscious about showing off their body. However what most people don’t understand is that excess fat is not only unattractive but is also a dangerous risk factor to your health. There two types of fat around the abdominal area which is called subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Visceral fat lies deeper in the abdomen underneath your muscles and surrounding your organs. This type of fat is the reason for a variety of health problems than subcutaneous fat- which you can hold with your hand.

However both visceral fat and subcutaneous fat to a great extent increases the risk of developing heart disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, various forms of cancer, and other serious diseases. Visceral fat is more dangerous because it releases more harmful chemicals such as excessive hormones and toxins into the body on a regular basis. Reducing abdominal fat should be one of your main concern if you want a quality life with your loved ones.

Stubborn abdominal fat cannot be eliminated just by getting into exercise programs that does not give results. We have seen several situations among our friends and family where people go to gym for months training and lose about 3 to 4 Kg. But their happiness does not last forever, few unplanned meals due to hectic corporate lifestyle and not finding time to exercise brings stress and body fat all together, putting people into depression. The usual cardio routines, weight training, crunches, jogging etc may be not be useful for reducing your stubborn fat. After a period of time one gets frustrated after long workouts, again time being the deadly factor which people living in metro cities like Mumbai cannot find. One fails to achieve their fitness goal because their intentions to adopt a new healthy lifestyle changes with time, going back into old habits resulting in gaining excess body fat.

Age also becomes a factor, as people grow older, their ability to burn calories reduces considerably compared to when they were younger. It gets harder for them to lose weight and maintain a healthy body as they lose muscles. Due to this, the rate at which belly fat forms also increases. Genetics could be another factor. If you belong to a family where a lot of people are overweight or obese, you are more likely to be fat. This is because your genes add to the risk of becoming obese and where you store fat.

Well, the good news is now we have various weight loss centers and clinics which help you to reduce your fat in matter of few hours. Instasculpt one of the best Non-surgical  Obesity and Cosmetic clinics in Mumbai, India. They use scientifically proven combinations of Spanish, French and German technology that gives safe, safe and instant way to get rid of excess fat and sculpt your body to perfection. A blend of cosmetic procedure, medicine and wellness are offered under the supervision of medical professionals who understands that health, beauty and wellbeing are inextricably connected and as such aim to provide the most advanced and most innovative effective medically proven treatments within a discreet and relaxing environment.

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