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Skincare tips during Lockdown

With Lockdown still on its roll and with no parlours or skin studios or local wellness clinics to visit for the skin treatments,  the skincare regime has gone for a toss for many of you all.  The current pandemic can have an unfavourable effect on the skin.  Spending all the time indoor, less activity, stress, isolation, constant exposure to your PC for work from home can lead to dullness, dryness and breakouts/ acne.

So today we are going to deal with a few simple tips to restore your skin and take care of them staying indoors.  Skin issues can be simple dryness, dullness, to breakout or acne to various skin ailments. Non-invasive and non-surgical procedures like peels, laser, radiofrequency, Mesotherapy are very effective when it comes to achieving long term and glowing effect. Here we will be dealing with simple home tips for skincare.

  1. Cleansing – First and foremost thing to-do list is cleansing. Even if you are not going out, you are not wearing any makeup during the day, still, it is advisable to keep up with the regular cleaning routine. It should be twice a day. Morning once to cleanse the night routine skincare products if you are using and at night to remove sebum produced, sweat, dust and toxins.

For acne-prone skin- You can use oil-free salicylic acid or tea tree, neem oil face wash. Do this with an alcohol-free toner.

For dry skin, you can buy cream-based or lotion based face wash.

  1. Sunscreen lotion- I stay indoors, so should I be wearing sunscreen. The answer is yes. Exposure to excessive heat (since now-a day’s people are bound to kitchen whole day trying new recipes) or for work from home people who are exposed to a blue screen for a long duration which has HEV( High energy visible light) which can lead to elastin and collagen damage, can have skin becoming dry and further compromising skin microbiome.

So it is advisable to humidify or dampen the frequently used area to arrest the moisture for indoor heat and use a sunscreen with SPF 30 to reduce the risk of premature ageing and dryness of the skin. You can blend it with a pea-sized daily moisturizer and then apply it, to retain the hydration as well. 

  1. Exfoliation – General exfoliation or scrub is needed. 

 For active acne – not recommended as it will spread the radicals to other parts aggravating the acne. For dry skin can use mild exfoliation. Wheat flour, masoor dal (grinded one) are some options. Exfoliation to be done twice a week.

  1. Night Rituals – Now that there is time, one can very well make a proper ritual of 5 min nightly facial massage with any of your favourite oil. Opt for less greasy ones specifically for acne-prone skin. Olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil are the best options. Or you can opt for the hydrating mask of aloe vera/ probiotic yoghurt/ rose water as few options. 

Vitamin c serum is the best thing to use at night to restore skin tonicity and elasticity. 

  1. 2 M’s for healthy skin – A good moisturizer should always be kept handy. Lack of hydration or dryness of skin makes skin lacklustre. Put on some moisturizer once or twice a day.  Almond milk can act as a good moisturizing agent for dry skin and for oily skin aloe vera/ cucumber based one is good. 

Meditation is another good suggestion which you can add in your routine. Just 10 mins of meditation can do wonder to your skin and body.

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