sleep well to loss obesity


Obesity is defined as an excess of fat storage, Men with more than 25% of fat and females with more than 30 % of fat are considered as Obese. Obesity is a complex medical problem that involves genetic, environmental, behavioral and social factors.

Excess of fat predisposes to Diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, obstructive sleep apnea, hypertension, osteoarthritis, cancer etc.
Healthy adults with late bedtimes and chronic sleep restriction may be more susceptible to weight gain due to the increased consumption of calories during late-night hours.  When you are sleep deprived, your body is more apt to generate hormones that increase your appetite.  Low levels of leptin and increased cortisol levels cause increased hunger and that too not only will you be more hungry, but your craving for fattier, sugary, high carb foods increases which in turn leads to fat deposition and weight gain.

Weight loss is achieved with healthy eating habits and regular physical activity while a fat loss can be best achieved with non surgical, non-invasive, scientific painless treatments, where in fat cells is targeted causing its breakdown resulting into instant inch loss of 1 – 3 inches. 

Even though calories are burnt more when we stay awake, losing sleep is not a good way to lose weight. 

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