Weight loss post Menopause

Client Diary

We are back with our patients’ success stories of how they achieved their desired goal of weight loss with us. Mrs Sumitra Chandrasekhar from Mumbai has obliged us today toshare her journey from being obese to fit.

Hi, I am from Karnataka and have shifted to Mumbai 2 years back after an early retirement from work. I have thyroid and diabetes for 12 years and I am taking medicines to keep it under control. It was since then that I had started putting on weight. Still, it was always around 68 kg, until the time when my menopause started. I started putting on almost 2-3 kg per month. One fine day when I stood on the weighing scale, I was shocked to find myself 88 kg at 49 years of age and 5.1 feet. I had started feeling bloated, my mood swings were very bad, and food cravings had increased. I tried getting a hold on myself by doing yoga and gym but was simply unable to control. My confidence started going down. I stopped stepping out of my house, not only because I was not confident but my knees were giving out too due to my weight. My husband started getting more and more worried. He was the one who had suggested me to take some professional help from doctors. I came to know about Insta-Sculpt through a relative of mine who had got a good result. I started my journey with Insta-Sculpt with lot of hopes which they took it to new heights. I was introduced with various new technologies which initially I was sceptical to start with. But then on the teams’ assurance and support, I sailed so smoothly through it that I didn’t even realize when I was 10 kgs down from the time I started in just 3 months. The doctors and dieticians not only did their job of helping me lose weight but also became my life motivators. I started enjoying the process. The team was simply fabulous. Inches were regularly monitored and changes were made in the routine as per the reports. Today I am 67 kg, playing comfortably with my little nephews and nieces, spending time doing my favourite hobby of gardening. It is like getting almost a new life. Thank you very much Insta-Sculpt and keep up the good work. We are equally thankful to Mrs Sumitra for her wonderful and kind words. Insta-Sculpt will always thrive towards the betterment of the souls.

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