Benefits of drinking water

5 Ways Water can Speed up your Weight Loss

We all know drinking water is extremely important. It helps to maintain your body’s fluid levels and provides cushion to your joints, keeps your mouth as well as eyes moist and helps in getting rid of waste. Furthermore, it helps control our body temperature. We know how important it is but we haven’t really deciphered how it helps in weight loss.

Here are a few reasons drinking water could lead to weight loss, plus the other benefits your body will derive from drinking nature’s best drink.

Drinking water leads to better digestion

Water helps in better absorption of nutrients from the food consumed, circulating through the lymphatic system and to the cells. This improves the digestion and metabolic rate which speeds up weight loss.

Reduces hunger

Drinking more water boosts your metabolism and increase satiety, both of which will help you lose weight. Especially for older adults, drinking water before a meal can reduce the overall food consumption within that meal. The same goes for starting the day with a glass of water –it kicks of your metabolism.

More water, less bloating

Water helps reduce constipation, which is considered to be one of the causes of temporary bloating. Constipation gives the feeling of an inflated stomach. Water helps to get rid of that inflation and the excess weight seen on the scale when one is constipated.

Reduces toxins

The best diet cleanse for weight loss is with water. Water cleanses the body of toxins by carrying waste products in and out of cells. There are free radicals in the body, which the kidneys can flush out only with adequate water intake.

Increases Energy

Drinking more water will help your body feel energized to get moving, which is key for sustained weight loss. Additionally, when you work out it will improve your overall mental and physical  well-being too. This can lead to weight loss and thus a good health.

Now we understand how and why we should drink water for weight loss and good health. Weight loss companies like Instasculpt in Mumbai owned and operated by Dr. Manjiri Puranik have professional and expert dietitians who can help you develop a sensible food plan and direct you to proper diet for a healthy weight loss.

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