Causes of Pigmentation

Why Does Skin Pigmentation Happen

Flawless Skin which a Woman Enjoys in her Youth starts to take a dark and dull turn with Age. Do you know WHY? Skin Pigmentation is a natural body process which can happen due to several reasons. Some would like to call it discoloration while many would name it as pigmentation. What is even more worrying is that no one knows when and why the skin starts behaving strangely.  There are various reasons why you have dark discoloration or pigmentation on your face/body. Let’s have a look at few causes of pigmentation

Avoid Sun Exposure

Overexposure to sun rays does the maximum damage. Of the two types of sun rays, UVA is the main culprit which turns your skin darker. After sun exposure, diverse changes in the skin occur like turning red, skin blisters or intensive heat or itch. If you face such problems, it is better to avoid the sun and to use Sunscreen with high sun protection factor( SPF). To know more visit the contact page of Instasculpt and connect with one of our Skin Specialist in Mumbai.  

Age Factor you Cannot Run Away

With advanced age, melanin may start to increase or decrease and skin starts losing its natural even tone. Melanin is the pigment which gives color to your skin, hair and eyes. You just can’t blame it on age because there are so many young women who visit aesthetic medical practitioners with dark spots, uneven tones and other related skin complaints.

Skin Irritations

Any sort of irritation can result in skin pigmentation – Acne prone skin, mosquito bites which irritate the skin, resulting in a reddish skin hue. When you tend to get acnes it is important not to touch it or break it with your finger because it may result in pigmentation in that particular spot.


Most perfumes contain high percentage of alcohol. When this alcohol comes in contact with the skin it makes the skin more sensitive once exposed to sunlight. This may result in burning of the skin, rashes and other skin irritations which turn your skin a shade darker.

Hair Colouring

The chemicals present in it can be passed on your skin as well which causes pigmentation. People who use hair dyes or colors started getting discoloration on faces and even on their hands. So it is better to avoid hair colours that have harsh chemicals in them or opt for chemical-free, natural hair colours.

Using Bad Skincare Products

If your skincare products are of poor quality, you are likely to have skin pigmentation. You may be cleansing and toning your skin every day but if your skincare products are of bad quality, you are likely to have skin pigmentation. It is very important to use products that are of reputed brands and suit your skin well.


When you are stressed out, the free radicals in your body increase in number which aggravates skin pigmentation and also give rise to new spots. Also when someone is stressed, he or she tends to completely ignore their skin. They are more likely to pick or scratch or constant rubbing of skin which results in hyperpigmentation.


Habit of smoking not only affects your lungs and the heart but also your skin to a great extent. Smoking exposes your body and skin to quite a lot of toxic chemicals and also reduces antioxidants which helps in renewing and keeping your skin healthy.

Here is the final piece of advice for those who are suffering from dark patches and skin discoloration since long. Don’t allow the skin problem to linger for long. Consult an expert aesthetic medicine practitioner before trying out any specific remedy. Instasculpt in Mumbai which is chain of Obesity and Cosmetic clinic provides various non surgical treatment for skin, hair and body. Endermologie, Insta glow medi facial, Mesotherapy are few of the treatments that would help you to eliminate pigmentation problems.

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