Laser treatment for hair removal

Laser Treatment for Permanent Hair Reduction

Unwanted hair is a problem for both Men and Women. Most of us would have tried all sorts of methods to remove unwanted hair permanently, but would have failed the attempt. Watching film stars having clean and clear body with no hair on arms and legs make us want to have the same. Some people have excessive hair growth which can be removed using laser treatments. On the other hand there are options like Waxing and tweezing which helps in hair removal but is not a permanent solution. Removing unwanted hair every month or shorter intervals becomes a time consuming and sometimes a painful process. But the good news is there are ways to remove unwanted hair from your body permanently through Laser treatments.

Talking about celebrities, most celebrities have undergone laser hair removal instead of shaving frequently. In their busy schedule they have very little time to deal with unwanted hair. No movie star, model or any celebrity can risk burns and irritation from waxing or plucking. Mumbai being one of the biggest fashion hub and celebrities living there, a lot of cosmetic clinics are now coming up to meet beauty requirements of people out there. Dr. Manjiri’s Instasculpt, a chain of Obesity and Cosmetic clinic is one of them. They offer scientifically proven laser treatments for hair removal. Laser treatment removes the hair faster and in a painless way. Customers who visit Instasculpt often ask about the number of session that they need to take for a permanent hair reduction. To answer that, Most of them need between 5 and 10 effective treatments spaced a minimum of 8 weeks apart. Because hair grows in cycles, 5-8 sessions are necessary in order to affect all hair on any given area.

The world has become more competitive and if you want to stay ahead of competition then you need to look well groomed. You need to stay fit to cope with the rising demands and look your best. It is now time to bid goodbye to painful waxing, tweezing and threading and say hello to Laser hair removal. The right kind of clinic will have all the modern facilities & qualified doctors and Instasculpt has managed to build its reputation for its quality.

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