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Men have Trouble Areas, Just as Women do, Take Charge Now

Like 2 particles in the ocean, no two individuals bodies are exactly alike– each is unique to each person. Throughout the ages, physical appearances have always been a primary concern for people when presenting themselves to the world. Many may say, “I don’t care about looks”, but deep inside there is a want to look good and feel good factor. Some understand this early in their lifestyle some when they are sick. Modern women and men are no different. When it comes to cellulite and body types, not every body type is created equal. Some body types can have a higher occurrence to cellulite than others. Gracious is one with higher cellulite.

Sometimes the hardest part of the journey to any goal is keeping motivated, but Gracious D’costa is going strong in his weight loss journey. After 45 days of weight loss treatment, Gracious has lost 13 kgs. “It feels amazing” said Gracious. This was achieved through a combination of treatments and Endermologie was one of them. Today Gracious is more confident about himself, as the amazing results speaks for itself. Instasculpt wellness clinic has advanced, non-aggressive, non-invasive equipment designed for aesthetic, health, and wellness treatments.

Now many may wonder what is Endermologie, and how did this treatment help Gracious reduce his weight. Most people don’t realize their health is more important than wealth leaving them sick with multiple diseases before they reach out to our clinic based out of Bandra, Thane and Borivali. Gracious is smart and wise individual, who decided to make a healthy conscious decision before this health deteriorated.

Endermologie is the most effective and safest of cellulite treatment. Endermologie aims at making skin smooth and give a slimmer look and reduced cellulite. It involves mechanical massaging, rolling on the skin surface to increase the blood flow and the lymphatic drains which stimulates the breakup of stubborn deposits of cellulite and elimination of excess fluid and fat cells and thereby enhancing weight/ inch loss in particular targeted areas of the body.

How does Endermologie work ?

Endermologie is very efficient for women and men who want to eliminate stubborn fat resistant to physical exercise and dieting. Endermologie is efficient on various parts of the body:

1. Cellulite
2. Bra folds
3. Sagging arms
4. Thick arms
5. Flabby bellies
6. Big bellies
7. Thick waists
8. Saddlebags
9. Flabby buttocks
10.Fatty buttocks
11. Fatty thighs
12. Fatty knees

To Know more about Gracious and how you can also lose 8-10 kg in 6-8 weeks *conditions apply.

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