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The Downside of Being Overweight

The intake of fatty foods, sedentary lifestyle, work stress and hectic schedules have contributed to obesity to a great extent. Many people continue to gain weight and run unnecessary health risks. India has the third-highest number of obese and overweight people after US and China. Even though people are aware about their abnormal or dangerous condition, only a few actually do anything about it. Being overweight is a punishment in itself. Everyone wants to look good and smart. Overweight acts as a barrier in your success and stops you from taking part in any activities. Let us go through few of the many problems that being heavy creates:

Difficulty in Breathing

People who are heavy/overweight have problems in breathing. Excess fat restricts the expansion of the rib cage and leaves less space for the diaphragm to move downward as it should. An obese person finds it difficult to perform the simplest of daily tasks due to breathing difficulty. Impaired breathing is one of many ways in which obesity affects life quality. Weight loss clinics like Instasculpt, Mumbai helps people to reduce their excess fat through non surgical methods and make people’s life easier and comfortable.

Heart Disease

Overweight people have high chances of suffering from heart disease and strokes. Excess body fat which actually makes a person obese is also the main cause of blockage of heart arteries and resulting heart diseases. Excess fat tissue can directly damage the heart muscle even before symptoms are clear hence the need for weight control is the key step in preserving heart health.

Back Pain

People who are overweight have high risks of back and spine pain, or any muscle or joint issues. The excess weight that an obese person carries puts additional strain and pressure on the spine which results in injury to the spine and back. Having excess fat in your belly also causes back pain because it makes body to hold an unnatural posture that in return can cause lots of back pain and spine issues.

Depression sets in

Depression and obesity are very strongly associated. Obese people especially those who see themselves as being overweight, often experience weight-related problems and discrimination which leads to low self esteem, low self worth, and guilt. It creates a persistent stressful state, which in turn can cause major physiological dysfunction. Therefore, promoting a healthy lifestyle becomes a very important factor in everyone’s life.

Double chin and sagging skin

People who are overweight have excess fats in their bodies as well as on their skin. The fat thus makes the skin to hang which causes the formation of double chin. Gaining weight by eating fatty foods will increase the fat deposits in your body. The chin will tend to gather the fat deposit just like any other body parts and the skin gets stretched and finally get deformed. These days there are numerous ways to reduce weight and stay healthy.  It is now possible to reduce inches of fat at Dr. Manjiri’s Instasculpt, where they use modern non-invasive methods for fat loss and skin treatments.


Being overweight or obese increases the risks of developing the common type of diabetes, type 2 diabetes. Obesity and lack of exercise directly contribute to leads this condition. Therefore it becomes a necessity to reduce weight to avoid such diseases and stay healthy.

We all know that being overweight is now the source of several life-threatening diseases. Almost 20% of India’s adult population is overweight, while approximately 20% of school-aged children are obese. The estimated annual health care cost for Obesity related illness in INDIA is $200 billion from 2005-2015.  It is necessary to take precaution and all kind of preventive adjustments in life to obstruct obesity taking root in our life.

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